Tommy Lowery

Tommy 2 Years of experience in the restaurant industry enabled Tommy to hone the business of customer service skills necessary to build an accomplished real estate career.  As a teenager working in the Taste of Texas, his family’s Covina-based restaurant, he quickly learned the premises of good business. “One of the lasting lessons I’ve taken from the restaurant industry is that a strong work ethic, combined with excellent client care, is the foundation for success.”

After graduating from Pitzer College, a member of the Claremont Colleges, Tommy moved into a tech-based career with a major corporation.  Though he thrived in a structured business setting, a family emergency caused him to reevaluate his professional goals.  “My father passed away unexpectedly, just before opening a new restaurant,” he recalls, “I returned home and spent a year working to launch the business.”  During this time, his mother struggled to relocate to a new home.  “She didn’t want to preview properties, so I did the legwork,” reveals Tommy.  His search led him to a successful real estate team who, after working with Tommy on the sale and purchase of his mother’s homes, encouraged him to join them in the field.

Reflecting on his early inclinations towards a career in real estate, Tommy observes, “From the onset, I understood the importance of keeping someone else’s wants and needs in mind, even when I was the one searching for the property.” Strong communication skills were the key elements to his success, and he discovered that his business and customer service sense were ideally suited to real estate as well.

Strong negotiation skills and committed efforts have enabled Tommy not only to assist countless clients with traditional equity sales and purchase, but have helped hundreds of individual’s complete successful short sales as well. Though the transactions are emotionally challenging and may be time consuming, Tommy understands there is a tremendous relief from consumers who are able to avoid losing their homes.

Tommy takes great pride in the way he relates and teats his clients. “I respect the individuals with whom I work with, and provide them with honest feedback and accurate data.” In a business where emotions run high, Tommy strives to maintain an objective yet empathetic presence throughout each transaction. “My responsibility is to handle all of the details, to consistently accomplish my clients’ goals and to ensure that transactions are as stress-free as possible, even when challenges and issues arise.”

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